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Glean 2

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Game Description: Resources need to be exploited. But unfortunately for us, the Earth is getting low on them, but other planets are full of them so someone needs to collect them and then use them for a good purpose.

You will control a drill robot through different parts of the Galaxy in order to collect all the natural resources from those planets. You will need to watch your drilling because too much of it can destroy your robot because of overheating. Also watch for the creatures, because they can damage and destroy your robot. Remember to upgrade your robot in order to resist more and gather more resources.

Control your robot by using W or up arrow key to jump and double press W or up arrow key to make a higher jump, S or down arrow key to go down and A or D or left or right arrow key to go left and right. Press and hold spacebar and a direction to dril.   Or maybe you want another game:
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